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Purple Haze Multimedia is a full-service web design, Internet services and multimedia studio based in New Delhi. It is our sincere goal to drive your business and make your online endeavors successful.

We are able to act fast, producing websites in a timely and efficient manner keeping costs down. Our understanding of the online business helps us in removing the visual and technical clutter to arrive at the most relevant practical solution for your unique business needs. We strongly believe in the concept of ‘digital economy’.

We emphasize a clean and easily navigable website design reflecting your company culture and branding. Every website we create is unique and is designed and developed keeping form and function while giving close attention to your business identity. Our team also has the expertise to suggest appropriate content to drive the website.

Purple Haze Multimedia is not only limited to web design. We have years of experience in multimedia technologies. We bring together the best in multimedia so that you stay a creative step ahead of your competition.
Purple Haze Multimedia is energized by the wit and spirit of a dedicated team of talented designers, artists and software developers with a diverse range of skills and specialties. Our programmers work in ASP, ASP.Net, JavaScript, VBScript, Ajax, Flash, HTML, and DHTML.

The Purple Haze team establishes close relationships with all its users to forge new business vistas, building your brand, increasing revenue, improving user loyalty, boosting stock value, improving partnerships and increasing communication flow.